Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

October 9, 2008

After a couple of underwhelming albums in a row, Manchester based band Oasis finally find their footing again with Dig Out Your Soul, a stunner of a record shows they’re a band still capable of making some great music. They’ve eschewed ballads for the most part, save for “I’m Outta Time,” and instead made a straight ahead rock and roll record, with the usual nods to the Beatles. They kick things off with the swaggering “Bag It Up,” one of my favorite songs here. “The Shock Of The Lightning,” comes four tracks in and sounds like classic Oasis, and it’s a solid choice for a lead off single. It’s eclipsed in quality, however, by “Falling Down,” a slow burning, ultimately soaring rocker, followed by the sitar heavy “To Be Where There’s Life,” which provides the record with one of its doses of psychedelia. I have to say it’s gratifying to hear a band that made some of my favorite music in the 90’s return to form. I can’t say Dig Your Own Soul reaches the heights of the first two Oasis albums, but it’s nevertheless a collection of songs so uniformly good for the most part that I had trouble deciding which cuts to choose as standout cuts. Oasis fans will eat this up, I think, but more casual fans will have a reason to start listening to them again. Standout cuts: “Bag It Up,” “The Shock Of The Lightning,” “Falling Down” and “To Be Where There’s Life.”



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