The Rosebuds – Life Like

October 13, 2008

On their latest album, Raleigh based band the Rosebuds (Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp) return with another album of sophisticated, stylish music. It’s a synthesis of some of the styles they’ve explored on previous albums, from singalong, hand clapping folk and rock to the synthpop heard on their last release, Night Of The Furies. At times, there’s guitar work reminiscent of 60’s surf music and Joe Meek productions from the same era, and a general sound comparable to Chris Isaak’s early work with his band Silvertone. Like Belle and Sebastian, the Rosebuds are masters of the juxtaposition of sunny sounding music with not so sunny lyrics, and on Life Like, the lyrics consistently reflect a sort of existential unease and a general interest in what goes on under the surface of things. The Rosebuds have gotten better with each album, and with Life Like, they further establish themselves as one of the most unique and distinctive bands on the American scene. Standout cuts: “Life Like,” “Cape Fear,” “Nice Fox” and “Another Way In.”


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