Nikka Costa – Pebble To A Pearl

October 14, 2008

Los Angeles based Nikka Costa’s latest album, Pebble To A Pearl, her first for Stax Records, is a hugely entertaining funk record, firmly rooted in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but hardly a nostalgia trip. Instead, Costa is a funk traditionalist whose fresh take on one of America’s great pop musical forms makes a great case for why funk has never really gone out of style. On Pebble To A Pearl, she’s backed by an ace band, who provide her sultry, soulful voice with a rich, dynamic background steeped in guitar, keyboards, organs and a horn section, not to mention some terrific background vocals. Costa and her band really shine on tracks where they give themselves room to roam a bit, as on the nearly 7 minute track, “Damn I Said It First.” Pebble To A Pearl is a truly satisfying album from first note to the last, and should make a lot of funk fans very happy indeed. Standout cuts: “Stuck To You,” “Can’t Please Everybody,” “Keep Pushin'” and “Damn I Said It First.”


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