Loquat – Secrets Of The Sea

October 27, 2008

The second album from San Francisco based band Loquat, who initially made a splash on their third EP with their sublime Smiths cover, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” is a glossy set of electronica influenced songs, musically firmly in the tradition of bands like Ivy, Frou Frou, Everything But The Girl, Hooverphonic and Dido. Lyrically, they eschew songs about romance, instead opting for songs exploring loss, grief and loneliness. Owing to this, they put a unique stamp on the genre they’re working in, enabling their intelligently made pop to stand out amid an admittedly crowded field of musical peers. Loquat has a first rate lead vocalist in Kylee Swenson, who also writes the lyrics, and she’s backed by a talented crew of musicians. They deserve a wider audience, and hopefully Secrets Of The Sea will attract more listeners for them. If you enjoy the aforementioned bands, or else the Cardigans, Stereolab or Cat Power, musicians they cite as influences, then I very much encourage you to check Loquat out. Standout cuts: “Harder Hit,” “Sit Sideways,” “These Kinds Of Friends” and “Go Hibernate.”



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