Eagles Of Death Metal – Heart On

October 29, 2008

“Now step aside! Check it, tight pants, woo!”

Palm Desert based band Eagles of Death Metal’s latest album, Heart On, contains a tongue in cheek, wickedly effective blend of garage rock, glam rock and funk that sometimes threatens to spill over into novelty territory but is savvy enough to never quite go down that road. It’s sexy, it rocks, and it’s got a beat and you can dance to it, and it may just convince listeners that they, too, are sexy and that they, too, rock. They also do a convincing take on psychedelic folk with “Now I’m A Fool,” which, as with a lot of songs on Heart On, has to do with the pitfalls of living in and around the Los Angeles scene. (Some of the joys are noted in other songs.) My favorite songs are contained in the first half of the album, but the band nevertheless winds things up in memorable fashion with “I’m Your Torpedo.” All in all, an solid, enjoyable release from a band unlike any other on the American scene. Standout cuts: “WannaBe in L.A.,” “High Voltage,” “Secret Plans” and “I’m Your Torpedo.”



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