Pink – Funhouse

October 29, 2008

I’ve always liked singer/songwriter Pink’s mix of rock and R&B (though I refuse to spell her name P!nk), and there’s even more to like on her fifth and strongest album, Funhouse. It’s an even mix between high energy dancer rockers and ballads, with the best material being the former, including “So What,” which was already a number one single prior to Funhouse‘s release. Part of Pink’s appeal is the mixture of brashness and vulnerability that informs so many of her songs, the voice of a strong, successful woman who nevertheless experiences her share of doubt, confusion and insecurity about herself and the world around her and is unafraid those things as subject matter for her lyrics. This adds a very human dimension to her music, elevating her above most of her pop peers, who themselves often make music as fun and infectious as Pink does, though painfully devoid of authentic human feeling. She’s also willing to take risks with her music and experiment, and if that doesn’t always make for a good song, you have to respect her for trying. That said, one of the highlights here is “Crystal Ball,” an emotional acoustic number that recalls Janis Joplin that she reportedly did in a single take and mastered without mixing it. I have to admit, though, my favorite Pink songs are the ones where she rocks out, as on “So What,” “Sober,” “Bad Influence” and “It’s All Your Fault.” Pink’s brand of pop music is the kind where you needn’t affix the term “guilty pleasure” to, since there’s no reason at all to feel guilty about taking pleasure in her music.


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