Bloc Party – Intimacy

October 31, 2008

Though UK based band Bloc Party’s second album wasn’t as well received as their first, Silent Alarm, I did like it a lot, and the same goes for their third, Intimacy, which is filled to the brim with the kind of passionate, hard driving synthesizer based dance music the band for which the band initially made a name for itself. There’s still a New Wave and 80’s synthpop influence to be heard, but they’ve also woven in a 90’s techno sound by way of the Chemical Brothers, “Mercury,” the first single, being a prime example. There are also a few slower numbers sprinkled throughout which work really well, too: “Biko,” “Signs” and “Zephyrus.” They’re at their best with the harder edged songs, however, with “Halo,” “Ono Month Off,” “Talons” and “Better Than Heaven” being particular standouts. Bloc Party excel at matching pithy, non-preachy social and political commentary with great, hook laden dance music, and their more personal songs are emotional and moving without dipping into sappy territory. Intimacy should be cause for celebration for Bloc Party fans, as it gives them everything they love about the band and more, and it’s not a bad place for newcomers to their sound to jump on the bandwagon. Definitely recommended.


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