Prototypes – Synthétique

November 5, 2008

prototypesIt’s New Wave synthpop, it’s dance music, it’s rock, it’s pop, and it’s sung in English but mostly in French! It’s Paris based Prototypes, who are back with their second US album, Synthétique, after making a splash on American shores a couple years ago with their song, “Je Ne Te Connais Pas.” It’s mostly good fun, about on par with their previous release, and self-assured enough to have a nearly eight minute techno Franco-funky techno jam called “Something.” I have to say, though, I like it best when their dynamic lead singer, Isabelle Le Doussal, sticks to singing in French, the title track wasn’t maybe the best first single, and that the album’s middle section sags a bit quality wise, containing at least one true dud, “Go To Hell Mademoiselle,” with the followup song, “Est-Ce Que Tu M’Aimes?” not being much better. All in all, however, Synthétique makes a strong case as to why Americans need to let go of whatever imagined transgressions the French have made against us and just admit that when they latch onto something cool, it’s like they invented the concept. In the meantime, you really need to check Prototypes out. Standout cuts: “Un Coup De Langue,” “Elle,” “L’amour” and “Machine Arriere.”


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