The Happy Hollows – Imaginary EP

November 9, 2008

happyhollowsAt the juncture where noise pop meets math rock and punk is Imaginary, the new EP from California based band the Happy Hollows. Though there are pop elements to their sound, the Happy Hollows, fronted by lead singer and guitarist Sarah Neghadari and featuring Charles Mahoney and Chris Hernandez, are decidedly more of a rock band than a pop band, and you definitely get the feeling this material would pretty much rule live. They sound like an inspired combination of the Pixies and Sonic Youth, with a little Primus thrown in the mix. I’m at a loss as far as choosing standout cuts as all the songs on Imaginary are worth your listening ear, but try out “Lieutenant,” the killer opening rocker, and “Labyrinth,” for which they’ve made a video. Plus I have to mention “Tambourine,” too. And did I mention that you can get the EP for free for the time being? Just go to their site for more information. Imaginary is a rockin’, guitar shredding, shrieking good time, and you shouldn’t miss it.


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