Dido – Safe Trip Home

November 18, 2008

didoSafe Trip Home, the third album from UK based singer/songwriter Dido, makes another strong case as to why she’s one of the key artists in the pop electronica field: Working with Jon Brion, Brian Eno and frequent collaborator (and brother) Rollo Armstrong, she’s crafted a set of subtle, sophisticated music that’s almost equal parts romantic and melancholy. If the album suffers from any flaw, it’s that some material is so mild and laid back that it threatens to become bland, but fortunately, this is the exception on Safe Trip Home, not the rule. One of the highlights is the Eno collaboration, “Grafton Street,” an almost sublime mix of folk, world music influences, strings and cool electronic textures that represents all the best qualities of Dido’s music. She may not necessarily break any new ground with this album, but neither is it a rehash or a retread. Instead, it’s the sound of an artist comfortable in her own shoes, finding fresh approaches to her songs in musical territory she helped stake out. Standout cuts: “Don’t Believe In Love,” “Quiet Times,” “Grafton Street” and “The Day Before The Day.”



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