The Killers – Day & Age

November 25, 2008

thekillersThe fourth release from Las Vegas based band the Killers, Day & Age, may not be “one of the best albums of the past twenty years,” as lead singer Brandon Flowers declared Sam’s Town would be, but it’s pretty good, anyway. It’s less ambitious than Sam’s Town, but no less focused on soaring, epic pop melodies, guitars blazing amid washes of synthesizers, big choruses, and Flowers singing with his trademark passion and commitment. There’s the usual 80’s New Wave retro sound that they’ve been honing since their debut, Hot Fuss, and there seems to be a David Bowie circa Young Americans influence floating through some of the songs, as well as a disco and a tropical feel that produces mixed results in “Joy Ride” and “I Can’t Stay,” respectively. Most of the best material is weighted towards the first half of the album, with “Losing Touch” being an ideal album opener, followed in short order by the current single, “Human.” The latter song is hampered by a chorus refrain, “Are we human or are we dancer?,” which is a reference to a Hunter S. Thompson quote about American raising “a generation of dancers,” which makes sense in that context, but out of context, it just sounds distractingly weird. It’s nevertheless a pretty good tune. The album ends strongly with the moving anthem, “Goodnight, Travel Well,” which skirts sentimentality in favor of genuine emotion. All in all, this is a good album with some great moments from the Killers, which should please their many fans, though it may not necessarily gain them many more new ones. Standout cuts: “Losing Touch,” “Human,” “Spaceman” and “Goodnight, Travel Well.”


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