Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Sunday At Devil Dirt

December 5, 2008

isobelcampbellThe second collaboration between Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan is a surprisingly bluesy fusion of rock, country, folk and orchestral pop, done with a lot of style and with impeccable taste. As with their first collaboration, Campbell wrote most of the songs included here with Lanegan in mind for lead vocals. (She takes the lead on “Shotgun Blues” and “Hang On.”) She occasionally provides background vocals, her delicate, angelic voice creating an interesting and sometimes inspired juxtaposition with Lanegan’s gravelly vocals. Disappointingly, there are only two real duets, the decidedly sexy album highlight “Come On Over (Turn Me On)” and “Rambling Rose, Clinging Vine.” The former track is so good that one wishes the album had a bit more fire, and meandered a bit less (“Back Burner,” case in point). As it stands, however, Sunday At Devil Dirt is a solid, satisfying effort. Standout cuts: “Seafaring Song,”
“Come On Over (Turn Me On),” “Shotgun Blues” and “Rambling Rose, Clinging Vine.”


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