Coldplay – Prospekt’s March EP

December 15, 2008

coldplayepProspekt’s March, a collection of eight songs recorded during the Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends sessions but not completed in time for the album’s release, makes for a worthy companion piece to that LP. Six of the tracks are new (though that includes a 47 second instrumental called “Postcards From Far Away”), and the remaining two songs are new versions of tracks off of Vida La Vida. The first of the latter is a reworking of “Lost!” with a guest vocal from Jay-Z, which works pretty well, and a very good remix of “Lovers In Japan.” The highlights of the new material, “Life In Technicolor ii” (a vocal version of the opening instrumental on the LP), “Glass Of Water” and “Prospekt’s March/Poppyfields,” all would have been welcome additions to the LP. Also worth noting is “Rainy Day,” which has a quirky indie pop feel to it, rather out of left field for Coldplay. If you enjoyed the album, you’ll definitely want to check out this EP.


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