The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Communion

January 9, 2009

soundtrackofourlivesAfter a nearly four year break, Swedish band the Soundtrack Of Our Lives return in pretty spectacular fashion with Communion, an double album of 24 tracks, each representing an hour of the day. I’m not sure what song equals what hour, but the record in its entirety makes for a true rock epic (and fortunately doesn’t take 24 hours to listen to, as it’s just over 90 minutes). It’s an potent, inspired and frequently majestic combination of garage, psychedelic and acoustic folk rock with a heavy Who influence that amazingly never runs out of juice. Surprisingly, the one track that I didn’t really go for, “Thrill Me,” happens to be the single, but tracks like “Babel,” “Mensa’s Marauders,” “The Ego Delusion” and “Utopia” more than make up for it. At various times during its history, people have proclaimed rock to be dead, but bands like the Soundtrack Of Our Lives and albums like Communion are proof rock can still kick a lot of booty, be it dead or alive.


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