The Black Ghosts

January 12, 2009

theblackghostsThe debut album by UK based duo the Black Ghosts has been given an extra push owing to the inclusion of their single, “Full Moon” on the Twilight soundtrack, which was a surprise success upon its release. The Black Ghosts (Simon Lord and Theo Keating) combine 80’s influenced synthpop, 90’s style electronica and some decidedly heavy Goth overtones to produce some glossy, often spooky sounding, but generally pretty infectious dance pop. The overall result isn’t as inspired as recent releases by Cut Copy or Ladyhawke, but it’s still entertaining, and certainly easy on the ears for the entirely of its 11 track, 38 minute running time. Part of the reason for the album’s success is the Black Ghosts’ tendency towards the less is more approach, as most of the songs hover around the three minute mark, with only the opening track breaking four minutes. They find a groove, give it just enough time to breathe, and it’s on to the next one. This is a promising debut, and worth a listen for dance pop fans. Standout cuts: “Anyway You Choose To Give It,” “Repetition Kills You,” “I Want Nothing” and “Full Moon.”


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