A.C. Newman – Get Guilty

January 15, 2009

getguiltyThe second solo album from A.C. Newman, who is perhaps still better known for his work with the New Pornographers, is a hugely enjoyable pop album that wears its various 60’s and 70’s influences very much on its sleeve, but still manages to sound fresh, inventive and thoroughly modern. It’s also the sort of album that gets better the more one listens to it, so much so that different favorite songs will no doubt emerge over repeat listens. Newman, who works with guest musicians Jon Wurster (Superchunk/ Mountain Goats), Mates of State and Nicole Atkins here, melds together psychedelic and garage rock, folk, and orchestral pop with lyrics that are both literate and unabashedly romantic. It’s a bit of a virtuoso performance, though the album never seems show offy or pleased with itself, and while I haven’t heard anyone putting together all these elements quite in the way Newman has, the end result is nevertheless pleasingly familiar, but maybe that’s just a function of the songs on Get Guilty hitting on so many musical pleasure centers. This is good stuff, and a must listen for all indie pop fans. Standout cuts: “There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve,” “The Heartbreak Rides,” “Prophets” and “The Palace At 4 a.m.”



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