MONKEY REVIEW: Resident Evil: Degeneration

January 18, 2009

residentevildegenerationFirst full length CG rendered Resident Evil inspired movie is designed for fans of the series of games rather than the trio of films starring Milla Jovovich, with which it has no connection. Instead, it’s billed by the filmmakers as “Resident Evil 4.5,” a new story that takes place after the events of the fourth entry in the video game franchise, and stars Leon and Clare, characters from Resident Evil 2. Judged on its own merits, it’s an entertaining action horror movie, head and shoulders above the last two Resident Evil movies and most zombie movies in general, truth be told. The animation is pretty impressive for the most part, though the human characters still look notably strange and disorienting, especially compared to the borderline photorealistic representations of buildings, vehicles and backgrounds, not to mention the vivid renderings of the various monsters that pop up from time to time. If you’re new to the Resident Evil universe, some of the plot points will be lost on you, but basically all you need to know the zombies and monsters are the result of corporate developed viruses that have been unleashed on the public. Violence and general mayhem ensue. Some of the action gets a bit silly towards the very end, but in general, Resident Evil: Degeneration is a fun if non-essential ride, recommended mostly for fans of either the games or the films, or people jonesing for a zombie movie that doesn’t totally suck.


(For a brief explanation of the Monkey Review rating system, click here.)


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