Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

January 27, 2009

franzferdinandtonightI will say this much about Scottish band Franz Ferdinand’s moody and restless third album: It’s definitely different. It’s also the same in that their basic core sound, inspired by 70’s and 80’s era punk and New Wave is still present, though they’ve layered some electronica on top of it, along with some dub, ska, even a bit of folk, a bit of disco and funk and a generous amount of psychedelic elements. What might’ve sounded like a confused mess instead comes off as an intriguing, energetic and frequently inspired shift in several different directions at once (i.e. the nearly 8 minute long “Lucid Dreams,” which is a little psychedelic, a little New Wave, and then winds up with an extended electronica jam). I loved their last album, and I find myself, on the first couple of listens, anyway, not exactly loving Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. That said, the changes here aren’t so radical that fans of their last two albums are going to feel alienated or anything, and those changes may earn them some new ones. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do like this album a lot, and I appreciate their effort to branch out musically. It may just take awhile to grow on me. Standout cuts: “Ulysses,” “Turn It On,” “No You Girls” and “Bite Hard.”


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