The Von Bondies – Love Hate and Then There’s You

February 6, 2009

thevonbondiesThe latest album from Detroit based band the Von Bondies hits the ground running with “This Is Our Perfect Crime,” a rousing number that more or less sets the pattern for the twelve tracks included here: Garage rock with a notably high gloss, more modern sounding than retro, with a distinct leaning towards a big, epic sound. The Von Bondies effectively mix male and female vocals here, which keeps things interesting, and they even trade off on some songs in a sort of call and response, as on the short but sweet “She’s Dead To Me.” For the most part, the band keeps the songs brief, most clocking under three minutes, so there’s nothing on Love Hate and Then There’s You that sticks around long enough to wear out its welcome, though some listeners may wished they had fleshed out a track or two a bit more. In general, however, this is the strongest album I’ve heard from this band yet. The energy level is pitched so high it’s hard to resist getting caught up in the music here, and all too soon, it’s all over. Fortunately, it’s a trip worth taking again. Standout cuts: “This Is Our Perfect Crime,” “Pale Bride,” “I Don’t Wanna” and “Modern Saints.”


One Response to “The Von Bondies – Love Hate and Then There’s You”

  1. If you like Von Bondies you will like the artist Elvis Orbison. His song “you’re the s**t 2 me” is really good. Check it out its a catchy song but still original lyrics an clean vocals.

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