Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You

February 9, 2009

lilyallen“…I am a weapon of massive consumption / And it’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function…”

UK based singer/songwriter Lily Allen’s followup to her starmaking debut, Alright Still, is more lush electropop than ska this time out, but her profane, cynical and frequently very funny worldview, delivered via her Cockney accented singing voice, is fully intact. The subject matter here is pretty much what it was on her first record, the ins and out of urban life in England (“Everyone’s At It,” “22”) and relationships, both romantic and familial, both bad and good, with a special emphasis on the bad (“Not Fair,” “Never Gonna Happen”). For such an autobiographical writer, it’s somewhat surprising, but also refreshing, that only one song, the current single “The Fear,” references Allen’s newfound fame. And it’s a good song, bitterly funny, but also catchy as all get out. It’s also indicative of the heavy emphasis on electropop this time out, though Allen changes things up from track to track, throwing in some banjo on “Not Fair,” ragtime style piano on “22” and even some accordion on “Never Gonna Happen.” Allen’s version of pop music is rousing, cheery sounding, danceable and laced with acid: She manages to sound sunny even as she berates a homophobe in “Fuck You.” There’s only one real dud, “Him,” about God, which is amusing but doesn’t really go anywhere. Whether or not Lily Allen will turn into a British version of Dorothy Parker still remains to be seen, but for the most part, It’s Not Me, It’s You is a charming, entertaining ride.


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