Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid

February 11, 2009

danauerbachDan Auerbach, better known as lead singer and guitarist for blues rock band the Black Keys, makes his solo debut with Keep It Hid. Thirteen out of fourteen tracks are Auerbach originals, with most of the instruments played by the artist himself in his newly constructed home studio in Akron, Ohio. Genre-wise, the music on Keep It Hid hews pretty close to what the Black Keys specialize in, that is, blues and blues rock, but Auerbach layers on some country, folk, psychedelia, funk and soul influences as well, to often stunningly good effect. The album also shows off Auerbach’s considerable skills as a multi-instrumentalist as the music here is more expansive and layered than one would find on a typical Black Keys album, which is usually just Auerbach on guitar and vocals with bandmate Patrick Carney on drums. Though much of the album is dark and gritty, there are some moments of real beauty, “When The Night Comes” and the album closer “Goin’ Home” being prime examples. That Keep It Hid will be essential listening for Black Keys fans is a bit of a no brainer, but Auerbach stakes out enough new musical territory on his own for Keep It Hid to be an essential listen on its own merits. And did I mention it frickin’ rocks? Because it does. Just check out “My Last Mistake” and I think you’d be sold on the rest of the record. Standout cuts: “Trouble Weighs A Ton,” “I Want Some More,” “When The Night Comes” and “My Last Mistake.”

MP3s: “I Want Some More” and “The Prowl”



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