Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself

March 5, 2009

telefontelavivThe fourth and possibly final* album from Chicago based electronic band Telefon Tel Aviv (Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis) is a intensely moody collection of music, recalling work by contemporaries M83 and Boards of Canada, as well as Freur, Yaz, the Cocteau Twins and New Order. The ten tracks included here are richly atmospheric and sometimes densely layered, with whispery vocals that drift in and out of the mix. The album is so low key at times that it may lose some less patient listeners, but in general, I found this to be a pretty compelling, highly listenable record, with moments of real and haunting beauty. If you’re a fan of any of the above artists, or of electronic music in general, then I very much recommend Immolate Yourself to you. Standout cuts: “Your Mouth,” “Stay Away From Being Maybe,” “You Are The Worst Thing In The World” and “Immolate Yourself.”

*Shortly before the release of this album, Charles Cooper died at the age of 31.


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