Handsome Furs – Face Control

March 10, 2009

handsomefursfacecontrolWith their second album, Handsome Furs (husband and wife Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry), Face Control really come into their own, delivering an inspired twelve track set of music. Face Control is a frequently supercharged mixture of synthesizer driven rock, augmented by some heavy duty blues guitar playing, the result something akin to Kraftwerk deciding to do some music with the Black Keys. Boeckner’s voice is instantly recognizable from his work with Wolf Parade, and though the music of Handsome Furs is pretty far removed from the former band, the best songs on Face Control can easily stand aside the best of Wolf Parade’s catalog so far. Aside from one slightly meandering tune, “Officer Of Hearts,” Face Control speeds along from first note to the last in a most satisfying manner. It’s electronica, it’s blues rock, it’s two great tastes that taste great together and you should check it out. Standout cuts: “Legal Tender,” “Evangeline,” “Talking Hotel Arbat Blues” and “I’m Confused.”



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