DM Stith – Heavy Ghost

March 12, 2009

dmstith“like the birds we spoke with fire…”

On my first couple of listens to DM Stitch’s full length debut, Heavy Ghost, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I could appreciate the obvious skill and passion that went into making the record, but I also felt very removed from it at times, the way one can feel removed from a work of art that’s intensely personal in nature. After a few listens, however, I started to like it quite a bit more, and while I still find some of it arcane, I can say now that I think it’s quite an impressive first record. Stith wrote and also performed for the most part the music on Heavy Ghost, which started, according to press for the record, as “folk songs with epic electronic gestures.” Throw some chamber pop, classical, gospel and world music influences in there as well, and you have a better idea of the broad, epic scope Stith’s music has here. Lyrically, it’s concerned with Stith’s struggles with spirituality. It’s a powerful theme, and the attendant confusion, despair and joy are rendered in powerful ways. Stith’s voice is also something of a marvel, and his singing matched with the music sometimes seems like a collaboration between Animal Collective and Antony and the Johnsons. Heavy Ghost is complex and often difficult, but it’s definitely recommended for people who can appreciate music that doesn’t lack for ambition or courage. Standout cuts: “Pity Dance,” “Creekmouth,” “Fire Of Birds” and “Braid Of Voices.”


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