Boston Spaceships – Planets Are Blasted

March 16, 2009

bostonspaceshipsplanetsFive or so months after releasing their debut album, Boston Spaceships (Robert Pollard, Chris Slusarenko and John Moen) return with their follow up, Planets Are Blasted. I try to keep up with Pollard’s solo work, both under his name and with other bands, but Boston Spaceships eluded me this past September, so I can’t speak to what the debut is like, but the follow up is pretty excellent for the most part. A lot of Pollard’s recent work has been on the experimental side, enjoyable but also a pretty mixed bag from time to time. Planets Are Blasted, however, is more of a straight ahead rock/power pop album, with a little punk and psychedelia thrown in. Pollard and the band all sound great, and the album as a whole is an inspired, energized good time, with songs as good as anything Pollard’s done solo or with his most famous band, Guided By Voices. My favorite songs mostly appear in the first half, but there are no bad tracks to be heard here. Standout cuts: “Canned Food Demons,” “Tattoo Mission,” “Keep Me Down” and “Big O Gets An Earful.”


One Response to “Boston Spaceships – Planets Are Blasted”

  1. westmont Says:

    Lake Of Fire might be one of the best songs Pollard has written in years. The feeling it evokes reminds me of what I felt upon first hearing GBV. perfect. Heavy Crown is growing on me.

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