Anni Rossi – Rockwell

March 21, 2009

annirossiThe music on Chicago based Minnesota native Anni Rossi’s LP debut, Rockwell, is of the sort that drives music writers to distraction trying to fully describe it. Let me say, in admittedly simplistic fashion, that the Steve Albini-produced album is a mixture of folk and chamber pop, with a lyrical point of view, here mostly concerned with environments of various sorts, akin to Jane Siberry and early Bjork. It successfully skirts the thin line between arty and cutesy, instead achieving a strange beauty, and having toured with both the Ting Tings and Electrelane, Rossi’s music exhibits both a flair for a catchy pop melody as well as a tendency towards the elegantly experimental. Rossi’s versatile voice and her expertise with the viola are also keys to her unique sound. The ten songs included are compacted little gems, only one of which breaks the three minute mark, the current single, “Wheelpusher.” And I should also mention it’s hugely entertaining to listen to. Call it what you will, “alt-folk,” “anti-folk,” it’s good stuff. Standout cuts: “Machine,” “Ecology,” “Wheel Pusher” and “Air Is Nothing.”


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