Metric – Fantasies

March 31, 2009

metricfantasiesFor a band whose lead singer, Emily Haines, was ready to stop writing when she sojourned to Argentina last year, Toronto based Metric (Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key) has never sounded better, and with Fantasies, they make yet another huge leap forward. Whereas previous albums had their highs and lows, Fantasies is one continuous, feverish high. The songs are anxious, troubled, troubling and possessed of a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet, as on tracks like “Sick Muse,” “Twilight Galaxy,” “Gold Guns Girls” and the closer “Stadium Love”) ferocity not seen in this measure or with this level of intensity previously in their work. Is this their masterwork? I certainly hope not, as I fully expect they’ll just continue to get better, but for now, Fantasies is a stunningly good, absolutely satisfying mix of electropop with some hard edged rock. The experience of listening to the album from end to end is fairly exhilarating, and when it’s all over, there’s a genuine feeling of having been transported somewhere unique and compelling. The very best material is weighted towards the first half, but this is a pretty great record all around, and without a doubt Metric’s finest album yet. Standout cuts: “Help I’m Alive,” “Sick Muse,” “Twilight Galaxy” and “Gimme Sympathy.”


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