Peter Bjorn And John – Living Thing

March 31, 2009

livingthingTo their credit, Sweden based band Peter Bjorn and John’s followup to their international commercial breakthrough, Writers Block, is definitely not Writers Block 2, though it may also not be the album to further widen their audience base. It’s a mix of the savvy, affable pop from their last effort with some electronica and experimental pop along with some world music influences, and the result is eclectic sounding, if maddeningly uneven. It’s not so much the presence of bad songs, but songs that are unfocused or just sort of fizzle out, i.e., “I’m Losing My Mind.” Fortunately, there are enough songs like “It Don’t Move Me,” “Just The Past,” the current single “Nothing To Worry About,” the cheerfully profane “Lay It Down” and others that, if not make up for the material that doesn’t work, work to smooth things over a bit. Cheers again to the band for not taking the obvious route with this album as even if it doesn’t always work out, it’s good to see a band like this willing to take some risks.


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