Doves – Kingdom Of Rust

April 8, 2009

dovesThe fourth album in ten years from UK based band Doves, Kingdom Of Rust, subtly breaks some new musical ground for them, while at the same time further refining their signature blend of foot stomping rock, electronica, shoegaze and psychedelia. They also throw in some elements of 60’s choral pop and some folk, even a bit of dance and funk on “Compulsion,” which adds ever more layers to their dense, sometimes positively cavernous sound. Doves certainly haven’t forgotten how to write pop hooks in the four years since their last album, so it’s easy to get drawn into Kingdom Of Rust, as it contains some of their catchiest, most accessible material yet. The album is not without its flaws, as it has its meandering moments, but for the most part, it works. I think Doves fans will embrace the record most of all, but generally speaking, this is a solid return for a great band. Standout cuts: “Jetstream,” “Kingdom Of Rust,” “10:03” and “Compulsion.”


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