Superchunk – Leaves In The Gutter

April 8, 2009

superchunk“I stopped sinking / and learned how to surf…”

After nearly a decade, Chapel Hill based Superchunk (Mac McCaughan, Laura Ballance, Jim Wilbur and Jon Wurster), one of America’s finest bands and perhaps its premier indie rock band, returns with all new material on Leaves In The Gutter. It’s only an EP with four new songs and an acoustic version of the first track, but it’s a very good EP, with the first two songs being pretty much excellent. Things kick off with the power pop anthem, “Learned To Surf,” followed immediately by the rave up “Misfits & Mistakes,” both of which can stand up to any of their past best material. The other two tracks, “Screw It Up” and “Knock Knock Knock,” are hardly throwaways, in particularly the latter track, which may eventually turn into a favorite song of mine after I give the EP a few zillion more listens. Things end nicely with an acoustic cover of “Learned To Surf.” Hopefully, this is a sign that an LP will soon follow, but for now, it’s great to have at least these new songs.


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