The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come

April 24, 2009

thejuanmacleanThough the new album from the Juan MacLean (John MacLean working with vocalist Nancy Whang and musician/DFA label boss James Murphy) draws from a broad range of electronic and dance influences from the 70’s through now, once MacLean’s vocals kick in, most people will be thinking of one band in particular: The Human League. In fact, MacLean has described The Future Will Come as “a disco inflected Human League sounding record,” which will give you an idea of its basic sound, but not how immensely pleasurable and out and out fun this record is from first note to last. The tracks range from the high energy opening track and the fantastic singles “One Day” and “Happy House” to more moody, slower numbers like “Human Disaster” and “Tonight.” Many of the songs are duets featuring MacLean and Whang, though it’s Whang who kicks off the album with lead vocals on “The Simple Life,” one of the long songs that bookend the record. (The third long song, “Tonight,” arrives right at the midpoint.) Far from being simply a “retro” record, The Future Will Come functions more as a joyous celebration of the musical influences that have brought us to where we are now, and will continue to push us forward to where we need to be. Standout cuts: “The Simple Life,” “One Day,” “Human Disaster” and “Happy Home.”


6 Responses to “The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come”

  1. westmont Says:

    sort of wish he had stepped back into his 6FS role, at least for a second or two for the new record that is slowly approaching.

  2. snivelandrun Says:

    which one, the juan maclean one, or the new 6FS one? i havent heard either. sort of waiting on the satellite one, and the maclean, well, I’ll get back to you on it.

  3. snivelandrun Says:

    oops…confusion. should have logged out and logged back in as westmont. retarded of me. westmont.

  4. westmont Says:

    he is absolutely not in six finger satellite any longer. The interesting thing is he was basically the force behind that band, despite j.ryans overbearing presence. So, i guess thats why i am interested in the upcoming record, how will a 6FS record sound without Maclean.

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