A Camp – Colonia

April 28, 2009

acampNina Persson, lead singer of the Cardigans, returns with her solo project A Camp, this time working with her husband Nathan Larson and Niclas Frisk, the latter being the musician with which she’d done the demos for the first A Camp record. The result is some of Persson’s best work ever, as Colonia is an intelligently written and expertly crafted pop record that often rivals her best work with the Cardigans. Reportedly inspired by a trip to Africa, the album takes up such weighty subjects as colonialism and American culture and politics and treats them with wit and a welcome lack of pretension. It’s maybe not the last word on either of those subjects, but it’s a sign of Persson’s continued artistic growth that she can craft such infectious, lush and sweet music around such decidedly dour lyrical subject matter. Colonia is her ambitious record, and while it’s certainly not perfect, it’s absolutely worth a listen. Standout cuts: “The Crowning,” “Stronger Than Jesus,” “Love Has Left The Room” and “Golden Teeth And Silver Medals”



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