Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

May 15, 2009

21stcenturybreakdownI have to say, I find Green Day’s transition from the band that wrote Dookie to the band that wrote American Idiot and now 21st Century Breakdown rather startling. Not that I ever thought they were a bad band, but I never quite expected them to enter into the realm of bands like the Clash and the Who, as they have with their past two releases. While it’s true that from a lyrical standpoint that Green Day isn’t yet on par with those two bands, their lyrics can pack a strong emotional and intellectual punch just the same. Musically, they’ve developed a formidable range in the 22 years (!) they’ve been a band, and appear to be hitting their stride at a time in their career when the best work of most bands is far behind them. 21st Century Breakdown, a rock opera in three acts about a young couple, Christian and Gloria, in a post-Bush America, is their most ambitious album yet. What’s most impressive about the record is not the central concept, but that it never runs out of gas, even over 18 tracks and a 70 minute running time. It’s an inspired, often exhilarating mix of punk, classic and psychedelic rock, with a couple acoustic numbers thrown in for good measure. It’s by no means a perfect album, as it suffers from some heavyhandedness here and there, but the idea of a perfect punk album seems kind of strange, anyway. What it is, for certain, is Green Day’s best album ever. Standout cuts: “21st Century Breakdown,” “Know Your Enemy,” “East Jesus Nowhere” and “The Static Age.”


3 Responses to “Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown”

  1. beth Says:

    Woot! Can’t wait to hear the whole album, and am so psyched for this.

  2. radiondn Says:

    Wow, are tickets on sale for that musical yet?

  3. “You can reserve your seats for American Idiot now as part of any ticket package of three or more plays. If you really don’t want to commit to any show but American Idiot, you should sign up for email. You’ll be among the first to know when tickets go on sale this August.”

    Hey, if you come to Berkeley for the show you can stay with us (if you dare! – our kids are crazy & it’s always a mess) and we can go to the show together.

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