Brakesbrakesbrakes – Touchdown

May 19, 2009

touchdownAs a music writer, I try to avoid excessive hyperbole, unlike say, the British press, who seem to trumpet the next big thing in music every week. That said, let me say that I think the new album, Touchdown, from UK band Brakesbrakesbrakes (just Brakes outside the US) is absolutely in the running for indie pop album of the year. The 12 tracks included blow by in a whirl of all manner of rock, acid, garage, psychedelic and punk included, with some country, folk and 60’s inspired pop thrown in as well. There’s also some decidedly eccentric and often quite amusing lyrical content going on at times, too. (One example: “Don’t Take Me To Space (Man),” in which the singer pleads not to be abducted by aliens as he’s found true love on Earth). The band, made up of members of British Sea Power, Electric Soft Parade and the Tenderfoot, were pretty much on fire with indie pop inspiration with this one, and while other more weighty, “important” albums may be released this year, few will be as pleasurable to listen to as Touchdown. Standout cuts: “Two Shocks,” “Don’t Take Me To Space (Man),” “Hey Hey” and “Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie).”


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