Art Brut – Art Brut Vs. Satan

May 22, 2009

artbrutvssatanThere’s something sort of brilliant about the way that UK based band Art Brut, in 11 tracks and 40 minutes, is able to describe the state of the young artist in the early part of the 21st century, or, as my friend Tom might’ve put it, “the same old shit,” circa 2009. Whether lead singer Eddie Argos is celebrating/bemoaning a night of too much fun (“Alcoholics Unanimous,” “Mysterious Bruises”), trying to reconcile lowbrow tastes with a highbrow sensibility (“DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake”), singing the praises of public transportation (“The Passenger”) or the DIY aesthetic (“Slap Dash For No Cash”) or dealing with audience indifference (“Demons Out!”), Art Brut maintains enough of a distance that the songs are both sardonically funny and insightful without falling into solipsism, self-righteousness or just plain old whining. Argos still does his speak/singing thing, and the music is still snotty, brash sounding punk and New Wave inspired indie rock, and it all still sounds pogo-ready great. Standout cuts: “Alcoholics Unanimous,” “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake,” “What A Rush” and “Slap Dash For No Cash.”


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