Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

May 28, 2009

blackmothsuperrainbowEating Us, the latest album from Pittsburgh based band Black Moth Super Rainbow, is gorgeous and strange, trippy and groovy, and possibly an ideal soundtrack for at least of some of your upcoming summer nights. It’s 11 tracks (plus one bonus track) of psychedelic pop, most of them with vocals, that draw on the obvious 60’s influences, but the band also pulls in some lounge, pop, folk, and some prog rock circa the 70’s as well some modern electronica flourishes. Each track takes on a life of its own, some of them blissed out, some of them harder edged, some even somewhat menacing and disquieting, made more so by odd and eerie lyrics. It’s a testament to the creativity and impressive range of the band that though the general tone of the album is largely consistent, they never sound like they’re repeating themselves. Definitely recommended for fans of psychedelic rock and pop, and the experimental in general. Standout cuts: “Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise,” “Twin Of Myself,” “Gold Splatter” and “Iron Lemonade,” though the whole album is pretty consistently good.

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