The Phenomenal Handclap Band

June 8, 2009

phbandFirst time listeners to the self-titled LP from New York City’s the Phenomenal Handclap Band may be forgiven for thinking they’re in for a prog rock fest based on the opening track, “The Journey to Serra da Estrela,” despite the presence of some funk and disco touches. Those funk and disco touches take over by the second track, “All Of The Above,” however, and are in full force by “You’ll Disappear,” which features a vocal by Carol C. that simultaneously recalls both the Fifth Dimension and the Tom Tom Club. The band, aside from the aforementioned genres, weave some 60’s influenced soul and psychedelic rock into the mix as well, and the result is some pretty sweet sounding, often slow burning jams, most hovering around the six minute mark, which gives the tracks ample room to breathe. The vocals are a mix of male and female, and the musicianship is inventive and top drawer, with some notably good guitar work. The album starts to run out of gas towards the end, but The Phenomenal Handclap Band is nevertheless an auspicious dance rock debut. Standout cuts: “All Of The Above,” “You’ll Disappear,” “15 To 20” and “The Martyr.” d


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