Moby – Wait For Me

June 19, 2009

waitformeThe latest album from New York City based artist Moby was, according to its press, inspired by a speech by David Lynch, which characterized “creativity for its own sake” as “a beautiful, wonderful thing.” The result, Wait For Me, recorded in Moby’s home studio, is a work of sustained, mostly quiet beauty, instrumental for the most part, but featuring some vocals, mostly female, though Moby himself sings on “Mistake.” Listeners looking for dance tracks like “Feeling So Real” or “Bodyrock” will be disappointed, but fans of Moby’s ambient and moodier music in general will enjoy Wait For Me quite a lot. What lyrics there are tend towards the somber, sometimes borderline melodramatic, as with “Hope Is Gone,” but in general the album holds together very well. Wait For Me isn’t really much of a groundbreaking release, but it is easily Moby’s most satisfying work in some time. Standout cuts: “Pale Horses,” “Shot In The Back Of The Head,” “Scream Pilots” and “jltf.”


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