Regina Spektor – Far

June 19, 2009

farFar, New York based singer/songwriter Regina Spektor’s new album, isn’t quite the leap into greatness that many of her fan base were perhaps anticipating, but it is nevertheless an album of many great moments. No major American artist currently on the scene bumps up against preciousness quite like Spektor, and even if she does in fact dip into it from time to time, mostly she avoids it with an often goofy sense of humor and, most importantly, a gift for striking lyrical imagery and for marrying piano pop balladry with classical and jazz influences. And then there’s her voice, which is a rather glorious instrument by itself and can elevate what are otherwise ordinary songs into something more weighty sounding. Amidst some misfires, the first single, “Laughing With,” among them, there are some truly great songs to be found here, “Eet,” “Genius Next Door” and “Wallet” in particular, all literate, moving and profoundly listenable pop treasures. And “Dance Anthem Of The 80s” eventually wore me down, despite its cutesy refrain, “You are so sweet,” with its sheer charm and infectiousness. Far is far from a perfect album, but it should convince listeners that Spektor may just have a perfect album in store for them sometime in the future.


2 Responses to “Regina Spektor – Far”

  1. John Says:

    Thanks for the commentary! I’m looking forward to this album, having enjoyed the last one immensely. I agree that her lyrics are far more literary than the standard pop-tune writer.

  2. ocdtetris Says:

    Oh she is so beautiful I just cannot get enough of her! Saw her live 3 times this year and each time she got better and better!

    also CHECK OUT MY BLOG –

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