Lord Cut-Glass

July 1, 2009

lordcutglassIf the voice of Lord Cut-Glass seems strangely familiar to fans of the late, great Delgados, it’s because Lord Cut-Glass is the solo project of Glasgow based singer/songwriter, and former Delgado, Alun Woodward. His music here is a lot more pop and a lot less rock than it was with the Delgados, but it shares the same often cynical and sardonic worldview, coupled with some of the most lacerating and funny lyrics in recent indie pop history, as on the opener, “Even Jesus Couldn’t Love You” and the current single “Look After Your Wife.” Woodward mixes folk with pop with varied influences, Baroque, chamber and orchestral among them, resulting in music that’s as eclectic as it is entertaining. Woodward even throws in a couple of lovely, if most unsentimental, ballads, “Holy Fuck!” and “A Pulse.” Lord Cut-Glass is a pop pleasure, a thorny one to be sure, but a pleasure just the same. Standout cuts: “Even Jesus Couldn’t Love You,” “Look After Your Wife,” “Picasso” and “A Pulse.”



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