The Low Anthem – Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

July 3, 2009

thelowanthemTo say that Providence based band the Low Anthem’s major label debut falls into the Americana genre would be accurate without being very descriptive. Oh My God, Charlie Darwin is an impressive mix of folk, country, blues and gospel, with a couple of raucous Bob Dylan and Tom Waits inspired tracks thrown in for good measure (“The Horizon Is A Beltway” and “Home I’ll Never Be”). They’re on firmest ground with their more country and folk inspired material (the rocker “Champion Angel” aside), notably the gorgeous opener “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” and the mid-album “Don’t Tremble,” though “To Ohio” is an early highlight as well. It’s not a perfect album, but it’s certainly one full of promise, and definitely recommended for fans of country, folk and Americana.


2 Responses to “The Low Anthem – Oh My God, Charlie Darwin”

  1. Jennacide Says:

    I think that the mix of genres on this album is what could make this band really popular at the moment. The folky aspect makes it a really good album for the summer.

  2. radiondn Says:

    The folky songs are by far my favorites. “Charlie Darwin” on its own is one of my favorite songs of the year so far.

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