Discovery – LP

July 12, 2009

discoverylpSo you’re like me, and you have a soft spot for old school electropop with some disco tendencies, but considering how many bands are filling the world’s need for this kind of music, you may think, “Do we really need one more band like that?” Then you find a really good one and you might as well have asked, “Does the world really need one more flower?” After a most unpromising opener, “Orange Shirt,” New York City based Discovery, featuring members of Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend, won me over with tracks like “Osaka Loop Line” and especially “Carby,” easily the highlight of the album. There’s also an inventive electronic cover of the Jacksons’ “I Want You Back,” which will probably draw a number of listeners to LP by itself. The record’s sound, which sometimes recalls the Tom Tom Club, is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but it’s just creative and fun enough to merit a listen. Plus, can there be too many summer pop soundtracks to your life, particularly one that doesn’t stick around long enough to wear out its welcome, clocking in at just under half an hour? Well, okay, maybe, but this is pretty good just the same. Standout cuts: “Osaka Loop Line,” “Swing Tree,” “Carby” and “I Want You Back.”


2 Responses to “Discovery – LP”

  1. Sachin Says:

    Though I’m a huge, obsessive fan of Vampire Weekend, I’m afraid I did not enjoy Discovery’s LP one bit. I found it sonically irritating; I found the incessant vocal alterations grating; and I found the whole thing smacked of a bad pastiche. As for the Jackson 5 cover, horrible is too kind a word.

    • radiondn Says:

      I agree the Auto-Tune has worn out its welcome, but I think when any vocal alteration is applied to someone who can actually sing, then I’m more forgiving in general.

      I didn’t think LP was great, by any means, but I’m not sure they set out to make anything more than a fun record, and I think they accomplished that. Having read some reviews now, it seems that it’s turning out to be a love it or hate it sort of an album. There are those who don’t care for it, and then those who are declaring it “album of the year,” which I think is an overstatement, to say the least.

      With regard to the Jacksons cover, it may just be ruinous nostalgia, but I still like it.

      Thanks for reading the blog, and especially for writing!

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