The Dead Weather – Horehound

July 14, 2009

deadweatherJack White’s new band, the Dead Weather, has the good fortune of having the mighty Alison Mosshart (The Kills) as its lead singer, backed by Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), Dean Fertita (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Mr. White himself (The White Stripes). Mosshart and her main band do a version of the bluesy-rock found on Horehound, though the music she’s done here with White and company is considerably more psychedelic at times, and sans the electronica influences. The Dead Weather have a fuller, more expansive sound in general, even dabbling in a bit of reggae on “I Cut Like A Buffalo” and some psychedelic noir on the instrumental “3 Birds.” Best of all, Horehound, with its raw, growling music, sounds like the work of a real band, not some one off done to cash in on the names of their other bands while they’re between records. Definitely recommended for blues and rock fans, and anyone looking for a good, solid rock album this summer. Standout cuts: “Hang You From The Heavens,” “Treat Me Like Your Mother,” “New Pony” and “Bone House.”


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