The Fiery Furnaces – I’m Going Away

July 24, 2009

imgoingawayThough the new album from Brooklyn based band the Fiery Furnaces lacks a unifying conceptual theme, it’s tied together by a jazzy pop sound. There are also a number of nods to the past, starting with the title track, a newly arranged “traditional,” but continuing on tracks like “Charmaine Champagne” and its companion song “Cups & Punches.” Though there’s still a pretty strong art rock feeling to the whole proceedings, mostly I’m Going Away, despite it’s somewhat grim title, is a pretty lightweight, easygoing and fun affair. I liked the first half better than the second half, but that said, the times I’ve listened to it, I’ve ended up listening to it all the way through. Not sure this is a breakthrough album for the Fiery Furnaces, though it’s certainly enjoyable for the most part. Standout cuts: “Drive To Dallas,” “The End Is Near,” “Charmaine Champagne” and “Keep Me In The Dark.”


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