Lightning Dust – Infinite Light

July 28, 2009

lightningdustHad the Chemical Brothers collaborated with Mazzy Star instead of Beth Orton, the result might’ve sounded something along the lines of British Columbia based Lightning Dust’s second album, Infinite Light, which is a captivating fusion of folk rock, 70’s era country rock, soul, experimental pop and electronica elements. Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, who also sing and play in the very dissimilar band Black Mountain and the somewhat less dissimilar Pink Mountaintops, front Lightning Dust, with Webber’s powerful, quavering voice providing most of the lead vocals. (Wells duets with her on “Honest Man.”) The music ranges from very intimate sounding to epic and richly atmospheric, and the lyrics are moody and often quite dark, though the overall experience of listening to the album is hardly depressing. Instead, Infinite Light is inspiring in the way good music can be. It’s a uniquely beautiful, somewhat unsettling but always worthwhile musical experience from two artists making some of the best, most creative and deeply affecting music on the indie scene right now. Standout cuts: “Antonia Jane,” “I Knew,” “The Times” and “Never Seen.”


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