Throw Me The Statue – Creaturesque

August 5, 2009

creaturesqueStylistically, Creaturesque, the second album from the Seattle band led by Scott Reitherman, is often pretty amazing, leaping as it does with ease from pop genre to another. When I gave it my first listen through, it seemed less like an album by a single band and more like an anthology of pop bands, drawing on a diverse range of influences starting in the 60’s and continuing on into the present. My first thought was that this was something of a flaw, each song disconnected from the other, but on repeat listens, I started to view Creaturesque as a thing of real beauty, a collection of appealing, infectious pop music with a refreshingly adult, decidedly non-cutesy point of view. It’s indie pop with shimmering surfaces and darker, complex undercurrents. So yeah, if you like indie pop, or even if you think you may like indie pop, you should check this album out. Standout cuts: “”Waving From The Shore,” “Tag,” “Ancestors” and “Cannibal Rays,” though all tracks are worthwhile.


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