Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend

August 16, 2009

brendanbensonFor music fans who became aware of Brendan Benson only through his involvement with the Raconteurs, it may come as a surprise that My Old, Familiar Friend is in fact his third solo album. But what nice surprise for those fans, as well as long time fans, as Benson’s new record is a career high. It’s a stylish, often lushly produced (complete with strings on some tracks) collection, somewhat of a paean to 60’s and 70’s pop and soul, with some psychedelia and some muscular power pop by way of Cheap Trick added to the mix as well. Most of the album rocks, though the handful of midtempo tracks are just as good, with “You Make A Fool Out Of Me” being a particular highlight. Definitely recommended for indie rock and pop fans, power pop fans, and fans of the Raconteurs who are curious about his solo work. The latter fan base will definitely get a feel for his influence inside that band. Standout cuts: “A Whole Lot Better,” “Garbage Day,” “You Make A Fool Out Of Me” and “Poised And Ready.”


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