JJ – JJ N° 2

August 17, 2009

jjno2JJ N° 2, the debut album from Swedish band JJ, with its 9 tracks, clocks in at just under 27 minutes, but it nevertheless makes a huge impression. It’s a ethereal sounding mix of Saint Etienne and Air-style electronica with folky sounding indie pop, as well a heavy dose of the vintage world travelogue film sound of New Zealand’s the Ruby Suns, with an emphasis on African and tropical rhythms. (It also features a track inspired by Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.”) What also makes it intriguing are idiosyncratic touches like the inclusion of studio chatter and noise, the singer clearing her voice before a song starts, the unexpected inclusion of a loud, random and profane sample in the midst of the acoustic closer, all of which give the whole project a strange, slightly off the cuff feel. It’s certainly worth a listen for indie pop fans. Standout cuts: “Things Will Never Be The Same Again,” “From Africa To Malaga,” “Are You Still In Vallda?,” and “Intermezzo.”



One Response to “JJ – JJ N° 2”

  1. great band and album! we have an album review and some tracks up on http://suckinglemons.wordpress.com/ if you fancy taking a look!!

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