The Postmarks – Memoirs At The End Of The World

August 26, 2009

postmarksmemoirsMiami based band the Postmarks follow through on the promise of their debut record, and then some, with their excellent sophomore release, Memoirs At The End Of The World. Like on the first album, the Postmarks (Tim Yehezkely, Christopher Moll and Jonathan Wilkins) find inspiration in 60’s pop by way of Burt Bacharach and the like, but expand their range of influences on this record to 60’s movie composers, most notably John Barry and his work for the James Bond films, but also composers along the lines of Michel Legrand and Francis Lai, among others. The music is by and large lush and romantic sounding, but with undercurrents of mystery, intrigue and even a bit of menace. It’s great stuff, an inspired mix of retro influences, Yehezkely’s savvy, seductive vocals and a very modern indie pop sensibility. The release of Memoirs At The End Of The World is an indie pop event of the first order, and as such, it’s highly recommended. Standout cuts: “No One Said This Would Be Easy,” “Thorn In Your Side,” “I’m In Deep” and “Go Jetsetter.”


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