Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong

August 26, 2009

everythinggoeswrongFor the first couple of tracks of Everything Goes Wrong, their second album, it seems like Brooklyn based trio Vivian Girls will be serving up more of the same fast paced 60’s pop and surf rock flavored punk found on their 2008 debut, which would in no way would have been a bad thing, of course. That doesn’t really turn out to be the case, however, as the middle of the album contains harder edged tracks like “Tension,” “Survival” and “Out For The Sun,” the latter of which contains stellar punk guitar work that recalls another NYC band, Sonic Youth. They even add a little rockabilly to the mix with “Double Vision.” The album ends as it begins, with two more punk pop tunes, but by then, Vivian Girls have made the case that they are more than a one trick pony kind of a band, and moreover, may even have the chops to someday fill the great void left in the punk scene by Sleater-Kinney when they called it quits, and that’s high praise indeed. Standout cuts: “Can’t Get Over You,” “Tension,” “Survival” and “Out Of The Sun.”


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